6 Tips to improve concentration while study


Credit to: pexels.com

Despite of constant efforts and hardwork, you are not getting the desired results? Have you been stressed for long because your efforts are not producing the results as expected? Are you surrounded by a question How to increase concentration while study?

The answer to all these questions may be lack of concentration. You may spend hours on studying for your exams, but if you don't put in all your concentration, these efforts will surely go vain. 

Concentration means getting fully involved in whatever you are doing without getting distracted from anything that can prove to be a blocking factor in your work. In this fast pace life, where everyone wants to get success, it is imperative that we should know how to divert all our attention towards studying - SMART NOT HARD.

Here are some useful tips that can help you to improve your concentration and also help you to climb ladder of desired results.


1. Free your mind from all distractions:-

In order to fully concentrate on your studies, it is important that your mind should be completely free from all distractions. In this era of communication technology where any information can be sought by just click of a mouse, we should try to understand the need of the hour and learn to distinguish between what is relevent and what is irrelevant for us. So, just switch off your phone at the time of study or keep the phone in another room. If you want to work on internet then use laptop or in case if you want to use your phone, then switch off all the notifications of social media so that you will not be 

2. Create a study plan or set a routine:-

Instead of mugging up everything haphazardly, it is always advised to start with planning. Plan well in advance what you have to do and how. You can begin with making of a time table and allocating adequate time to all the subjects. By doing this, your time will not be wasted on thinking what to learn first. Also allow yourself small breaks so as to keep your mind relaxed. You can also imagine as you have come in any big class tuition center (assume it at your home) and they are giving you some chapters to learn (actually you are giving it to yourself). So this is also a type of psychological 

3. Have an appropriate learning environment :-

Although each one of us has different definition of comfort but still in order to concentrate on studies, one should have a well lit, properly ventilated room. The environment within the room should be peaceful enough to help you fully involve in study. That room should be free from all unwanted noise that may disturb your learning process. 

4. Focus on physical fitness too:-

Practicing meditation and yoga can play a significant role in improving your concentration. Drinking plenty of water, having balanced diet esp. green leafy vegetables, taking adequate sleep and keeping yourself away from all alcoholic drinks can prove to be a game changer. Apart from this, various physical exercise such as jogging, swimming, playing badmintion etc will improve your  blood circulation and help you to concentrate better.

5. Self motivation is must :-

Motivating yourself is very important. Keep reminding yourself of your goals.  Paste motivational quotes on your study room walls. Reward yourself for completing your study on time. This will motivate you to reach to your goal effectively.
6. Listen to soothing music:-

Last but not the least, listening to relaxing and soothing music can work wonders as music relaxes your mind and frees it from all worry or tension. Music goes directly into your heart and makes mood fresh.  
So all the above mentioned tips can surely improve your concentration if followed regularly with heart and soul.